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LVX V1 Tuning FF + Aurora Rehousing

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LVX V1 Tuning Full Flare and Aurora Rehousing Aurora key features: -Tuned Tokina Vista as... mehr
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LVX V1 Tuning Full Flare and Aurora Rehousing

Aurora key features:
-Tuned Tokina Vista as optical base.
-Italian engineering and Latin American manufacturing.
-7075 Aircraft aluminum, elegant industrial finishing and lightweight rehousing.
-Lower border contrast and softer image - LVX optical tuning.
-Stock options V1 & V2

V1 offers a moderate vintage character- it shines in the rendering of skin-tones which are softer and smoother. In terms of creative focus, it delivers a moodier and intimate focus that doesn’t take you on a full vintage swirl, but definitely gives you a vibe to play with, mild glooming -christmas ball effect- is also present.

FF / Full Flare Is a coating that renders a wide, rounded soft flare. Perfect match for the heavier vintage look.

V1 key features:
-Less contrast
-mild acutance reduction rendering smooth skin tones
-pleasing fall off and mild vintage bokeh
-discreet swirling

Technical specifications:
­- No perceivable chromatic aberration at T 1.5
- Covers Full-Frame Sensor
- 46.7mm Image Circle
- Suitable for 8K Image Capture
- Nearly Zero Lens Breathing, Internal Focus
- 300° Focus Barrel Rotation
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